Montréal Science Centre

Art Direction
UI/UX Design

The Montreal Science Centre, located on the Old Port of Montreal, is a family oriented space that caters events and curriculum to K-12 and beyond. The museum lacked a strong web presence with a technologically out-of-date site that was creating a disconnect between mobile users and the centres content. As a large institution, the Science Centre was in need of increased visibility and public access to the scope of their exhibitions, events and the programming they offered. 

A responsive design was chosen as the solution to the Science Centres needs. This allowed a single point of content management for admins and publishers to collaborate and allowed for one consolidated product that would be flexible across multiple devices.

Given the programming was geared towards younger children though the site itself was directed towards school directors, teachers and heads of household, the site took on a mature yet exciting aesthetic that resonated with the low-light, sci-fi experience of the space.