We (graphic designers) far too often think our job is about constructing the identity of our client, and while true, ultimately, we are constructing the identity of the people who buy our clients product; and further the attribution of what society defines as valuable enough to identify with. The power of designers lies in their ability to filter information, classify its usefulness and disseminate it to others. Designers are attractors; gathering and bringing together. If a designer believes in a product, she should make it the only acceptable choice on the shelf. As a field we become so worried about becoming “content creators”–as though no one else is producing quality content–that we lose sight of our importance to others. We’ll sit and work for free on our portfolios, on our self-initiated projects of brilliance–as though the world really needs another book about graphic design or the “struggle” of being a designer–but we complain when a non-profit with a great idea asks for help.